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Experience Our New State Of The Art Dental Suite By Our Team Of Dental Professionals With Over 80 Years Combined Dental Experience


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From £120 -£350 per tooth

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The less invasive way to improve your smile taking the industry by storm. Composite bonding is the process of adding tooth coloured filling material to your teeth to improve their shape, colour and appearance. Designed to improve the appearance of your front teeth, composite bonding uses specially formulated composite resin to change the size, shape and colour of the teeth. Your teeth are not damaged in the process and are semi-permenant so could be removed without any long term effect if required. On average results last 5-10 years.

Please note composite does not whiten, if you would like to lighten your teeth we recommend doing this first, then adding your composite veneers to your new lighter shade.


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A two hour appointment where dental bleach is applied to your teeth, along with a UV light then sit back, relax and allow us to do the hard work for you. Up to 7 shades lighter in just one appointment!

In surgery whitening also includes home trays for you to add at home and for future treatments if required.

If you want to top up for special occasions or at a later date, simply purchase more whitening gel for less than £50. Keep hold of your trays and you're all set. Please note in surgery and home surgery whitening results are the same, in surgery is an instant result, whereas at home takes time. No whitening can take place without a new patient examination or dental examination if you're already a patient.

Please note any toot whitening not prescribed by a dentist is illegal and can be potentially harmful to your teeth. The dental whitening products and gels we use are prescription only and only accessible via dental professionals to guarantee safety and results.



An in depth dental examination including any necessary x-rays at no additional cost, oral cancer screening, gum screening and consultation to discuss any treatment you may be considering. The appointment includes a bespoke treatment plan with exact costs and times scales for your treatment. Please note this is mandatory prior to any cosmetic dental treatment. 


The more in depth and advanced hygiene using guided biofilm therapy. The new concept of dental hygiene appointments. 

Using the latest technology, the appointment includes a thorough intraoral examination, oral cancer screening, full mouth teeth cleaning of every surface using ultrasonic and airflow technology for a more advanced & thorough stain & plaque removal to maintain healthy teeth & gums. Proven to remove biofilm, the main cause of oral disease & hard plaque, completely non-invasive to natural teeth & all restorations including composite fillings, veneers implants etc.

 It is great for smoking stains or coffee addicts. The perfect treatment to brighten your smile to it full potential and get it sparkling again before an event such as a wedding.

Please note you can book straight to a hygiene appointment if you have a routine dentist but would just like hygiene services. All dental treatment can be added to your monthly membership if you're an existing member. The airpolish must be booked in advance, we will not have time to carry this out at your standard hygiene appointment.

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AT HOME £329

Would you like to whiten your smile from the comfort of your own home? Our home whitening treatment allows you to whitening at home over a two week period for a whiter and brighter smile.

Following your new patient examination to confirm you're dentally fit and well, we take impressions to allow us to create custom made whitening trays specifically to your teeth for optimal results and safety. From only the following week, you attend for your whitening tray fit, to receive your whitening gel and a member of our dental team will talk you through how to whiten, what to expect and answer any questions you may have. You then whiten at home once a day for up to two weeks for optimal results.

The best thing about it? If you want to top up for special occasions or at a later date, simply purchase more whitening gel for less than £50. Keep hold of your trays and you're all set.

Please note in surgery and home surgery whitening results are equally as effective, in surgery is an instant result, whereas at home takes time. No whitening can take place without a new patient examination or dental examination if you're already a patient.




Did you know we offer a private dental membership including two dental check ups and 2 hygiene appointments with air polish for only £30 a month, including emergency dental cover?

To find out more click here. Please note there may be a wait to join our membership scheme due to demand.


A thorough intra oral mouth examination, oral cancer screening, gum charting, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, followed by a hand scale and polish for stain and plaque removal to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Your teeth will be polished once complete. Please note this does not include an airpolish.


We offer emergency dental appointments to all of our patients, this includes if you have seen our dentist or not previously. If you have ever had an appointment at the clinic we are happy to see you during your time of need. Please note appointment fees apply. Appointments are not 24/7, only available during our opening hours.


We straighten, you smile. 

At your new patient consultation, your dentist will take a thorough intra oral scan with our state of the art technology and will create a bespoke treatment plan and computer simulation of how your teeth with look having Invisalign. 

If you like what you see,  your aligners will arrive approximately 2 weeks later for fitting, we then see you every few weeks (case dependant) to give you your next aligners. Change your aligners each week and discretely move your teeth into your dream smile.

Treatment on average takes 6 months but this is patient dependant and depends on the complexity of the case. This will be confirmed at your appointment your treatment length. 

Simply wear your aligners every day, except when eating and get your dream smile with our almost invisible aligners, removing the traditional train track look. The best bit about it? Your teeth are then set for life, no repeat treatment needed, pending suitable retainers which we can provide for you.

Finance options available.

Danica has had Invisalign and zoom whitening to achieve her smile.

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If you need any advice or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our reception team on 02380 392070, alternatively to book a new patient examination or dental hygiene appointment, please click here. Select dental treatment from the drop down menu on the top right hand side.

All cosmetic dental services such as whitening and bonding cannot be booked without a new patient examination. 

Routine Dental Membership

Would you like to pay a small monthly fee and have the peace of mind your twice yearly check ups and hygiene appointments are covered? We have the solution from only £30 per month. Our exclusive dental membership includes;


Skip the queue, cancellation priority

£66 joining fee

2 extensive dental examinations per year recommended every 6 months

Any xrays required at no additional cost

2 premium hygiene appointments including airpolish for optimal cleaning and brightening results

Emergency dental cover

No credit checks.

2 months required before first treatment is complete

Payment collected 2nd of each month

£30 Per Month

Please note any cosmetic or necessary dental treatment will not be included inside your plan, it covers routine treatment only listed above. Aesthetic treatment is not covered within your dental plan. Over 18's only. Finance options are available should you want or need any additional treatment. We strongly advise booking your new patient dental examination as soon as you have joined the membership to avoid disappointment. 

Please note spaces are very limited. To request to be a member click the link below and the reception team will be in touch shortly.


For more information on our various finance plans we offer, click here.

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