Metoo Deep with Lidocaine

Metoo Deep with Lidocaine

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Predicted to be the UK's new leading brand!


METOO Deep + is a dermal filler of a thicker viscosity containing lidocaine. It has been manufactured using cross-linkage 3D technology.  Amongst other products in the range, this one contains medium sized particles. It is suitable for rejuvenating the skin with the first signs of ageing. 


Product Advantages:


  • High stage of purification of hyaluronic acid
  • Cross-linked fibers ensure a long-lasting correction effect, 3D technology
  • Ideal for the fuller lips with simplistic techniques & facial contouring
  • Very minimal discomfort due to the addition of lidocaine




  • Syringe volume: 1.1 ml 
  • Needles: 2 x 27 G
  • Effect duration: 6-8 months 
  • 24mg/3ml lidocaine
  • Fully CE approved
  • Non-Refundable

  • Store at Room Temperature

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