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Got a question about treatment? Take a look below for some of the common questions we're asked about the treatments we offer.

How do I get to you?

We are located in Southampton city centre. There Is parking confirmation in your new patient welcome pack and booking confirmation email, including the post code of how to find the car park a located short walk from the medispa. The closest train station is Southampton central which is a 15 minute walk away or 4 minute taxi journey. If you're flying in, we recommend flying into Southampton Airport which is then a 12 minute taxi to us, we do not recommend walking. Alternatively you can fly into Gatwick or Heathrow airports and have a 90 minute to 2 hour drive to the clinic, traffic dependant. There are many local hotels in close proximity to the clinic should you need it.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, if your treatment is over £100 you can spread the cost via Paypal pay in 3. If  booking a new appointment please mention you wish to pay in instalments to the reception team when booking or if booking online out "payin3" in the notes section when booking. If it is for an existing booking you may contact the reception team via phone or email to have the finance request sent. Please note it has to be completed at least 48 hours before your appointment, it cannot be completed on the day of your appointment. 

Will it hurt?

Any treatment that involves needles is unfortunately not going to be completely painless, however we use a topical anaesthetic cream for every procedure, as well as the filler we use contains lidocaine which is a Local Anaesthetic. The combination of both of these results in most of our patients finishing treatment and saying "is that it" or "that was a lot better than expected." We always book plenty of time for appointments so if you need a break or for us to take it very slow we  are more than happy to do this. Our most common review is how it was a lot more pleasant than expected. Please note anaesthetic isn't used for anti-wrinkle treatment as it is injected very shallow into the skin and is not required. A topical numbing cream can be used upon request.

Do you use Anaesthetic?

Yes always, a topical cream to numb the skin and the filler we inject also contains an anaesthetic to ensure your procedure is as comfortable as possible. No anaesthetic is required for anti-wrinkle treatments. Please do not apply your own numbing solutions prior to coming to your appointment. We do also offer a dental block, similar to when you have a filling, when having lip filler to significantly reduce the pain if desired. This has an additional cost of £15 and can be booked in advance or requested at your appointment.

Do you use a needle or cannula?

A needle is used in most cases for a more advanced and accurate technique. Your clinician will decide the best application for the specific treatment you're having.

Will I bruise or swell?

The million pound question! Everyones' body is different and as a result responds differently, particularly depending on the treatment you're having. As a general rule after anti-wrinkle treatment you will have no swelling. You may have a few small red balls on the injected site which will go away in about 20-30 minutes. This is the solution being absorbed into your muscle. You may get tiny bruises, if any but most patients don't tend to get any bruising. Dermal filler depends on the area being treated. Lip augmentations you tend to get swelling, which can be quite severe, the night of or day after treatment. Usually within 2 or 3 days the majority of swelling has subsided. It is common for patients to get treatment on a Friday or Saturday so by Monday when returning to work they're almost returned to normal or are close to. You may get some minor bruising which can be hidden the following day with lipstick if required. The other filler treatments are similar, however swelling is a lot more minor. Please allow 2 weeks following treatment to see your settled end result although you will see an instant difference. Please allow a month before any major event to be on the safe side. Zoe Balm is available to be purchased at £10 following lip augmentations to drastically reduce swelling after the procedure and the longevity of your filler.

How long does filler last?

Each filler is different and dependent on the aftercare and patient lifestyle, but on average;

Lip Augmentation 6-12 month

Cheek Lift 9-12 months

Jaw augmentation 12-18 months

Nasal Labial Lines  6-9 months

Tear Troughs 12 months

Liquid Rhinoplasty 12 months

Please note a high water in take can aid in filler longevity. A very active lifestyle may naturally breakdown the filler quicker.

How long does anti-wrinkle treatment last?

3-6 months

Is treatment reliant on age?

No, treatment is reliant on each individual but a minimum age of 18 is a legal requirement and 65 years old is the recommended maximum age for anti-wrinkle treatments, but treatment will be tailored to your area of concern.

Can I have treatment if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unfortunately there has been no studies of pregnant or breastfeeding women having anti-wrinkle treatment or dermal fillers so we advise delaying treatment until you're no longer breast feeding or pregnant.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes you may bring 1 person with you, no more than this will be allowed into the treatment room. You do not have to bring someone with you, there is no medical reason why you cannot drive to and from your appointment. No children are allowed in the treatment rooms unfortunately for safety reasons. 

What happens if I have a problem or question after treatment?

You will be given post operative instructions that we will also go through with you verbally to ensure you understand and answer any initial questions you have. You will then be contacted the following day to ensure you're okay . You will have direct contact with your clinician if required after treatment and a complimentary follow up appointment is available if necessary.

How often do I have to have treatment?

You will never have to have any of our aesthetic treatments and we only advise you have them after receiving all the information on what the treatment entails. If you decide to have a procedure but not to maintain it, when it has naturally dissolved or worn off, you will simply return back to how you looked prior to treatment. You are not committed to having treatment for life. 

Is it permanent?

No it will naturally wear off over time as your body breaks down the substance. Dermal fillers are also dissolvable if it ever needs to be removed.

What happens if I don't like it?

It is very rare for a patient not to like their end result after treatment. In most cases small adjustments can be made to ensure you love it, however if you do not like the end result dermal filler can be dissolved but we do not advise this as a back up. Please only opt for treatment after giving it serious consideration.

Will I still look like me?

Yes, we always discuss with our patients what they should expect and what they're wanting. You should never want to look like another person. We will only work together to enhance, maintain or improve what you currently have.

Do I have to have a consultation first or can I book straight to treatment?

If you're unsure of what treatment you need or want we advise booking a complimentary consultation to discuss your options. If you have decided what treatment you would like you can book straight to treatment, as long as we enough information to confirm suitability to treat, there are no complications from previous treatment and we have received a photo for confirmation of suitability. Please note if the clinician feels your previous treatment is poor it may need to be dissolved prior to us carrying out treatment. 

Do I get my booking fee back?

No, unfortunately your booking fee is non-refundable. You may change your appointment as many times as you wish and the fee will not be lost as long as we receive 48 hours for when the appointment was scheduled for or more. If it is less than this time or you fail to attend your appointment your fee will be lost. If you fail to attend your appointment your fee will be lost. If you have not paid a booking fee and fail to attend you may also be charged to rebook at £1 per minute. We are always booked in advance and some patients wait months for an appointment so please reschedule your appointment if you cannot attend. If you miss an appointment twice you will be refused to be seen. A booking fee can be paid by bank transfer, our online booking system or over the phone

Is there somewhere to park?

Due to being located in Southampton Town Centre the closest parking is directly outside the clinic on high street or Gloucester Car park. All are pay as you stay spaces and require a short walk to the practice. You will be sent parking information in your confirmation and reminder emails when booking.

What To Do If You Have A Complaint

Danica Payne Aesthetics strives to provide 5* service to all clients, we place great emphasis on meeting and, whenever possible, exceeding our clients’’ expectations. By listening to our clients, we can continue to improve the service we offer, we love to hear positive experiences you have but also want to hear about any problems you may have experienced so we can understand what has happened and put things right. We try to ensure that all clients are pleased with their experience of our service and we take any concerns a patient may have very seriously. Please click this link to take you to our complaints policy and procedure to ensure your concerns are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Make A Complaint

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