We have the solution. Join the thousands of other patients who had achieved their dream lips completely pain free.

As standard, we offer a medical grade numbing cream and dermal filler with lidocaine (type of anaesthetic) with all lip filler treatments. This will reduce discomfort, but you will still experience some pain during treatment which for some patients is fine. If you're scared of needles or fearful of the pain we also offer a dental block.


What is a dental block? A few small injections underneath the top and bottom lip to numb your lips, similarly to when you’re at the dentist, enabling us to inject filler without you feeling any discomfort at all. It takes less than 2 minutes to do and will allow you to sit back and relax whilst we do the hard work. We have had one or two patients even have a nap during treatment it’s that easy!

A dental block can w added to any lip filler treatment at your appointment or booked in advance for £20. You will be numb for 2-4 hours before returning to normal. The dental block will not compromise your lip filler in any way. 

Try our Optimal Package

Our New Optimal Lip Filler Package removes the fear of pain during treatment and allows patients to have pain free lip filler following a dental block. Worried about the swelling? Easily fixed. Included in our package is a Zoe balm, specifically designed for lip filled lips, it reduces discomfort after treatment, as well as aiding the longevity of your filler.


The solution to pain free lip filler with a less scary healing process and the best thing about it? Our Optimal Signature Lip Filler Package also includes a £15 discount! The total cost is £272 giving you a saving of £15 including your free Zoe Balm.


Please note this is only available if booked in advance. A dental block is £20 or Zoe Balm £10/£12 can be added to your appointment at their standard price per item. You will not be able to redeem the package price.


Available 5 days a week by Danica & Corinne to reduce your wait time. Treatment can offer natural and subtle results, gummy smile reduction, added shaped or definition. Results last 12-18 months. Payment options available. 



Optimal Signature Lip Filler Package 

Our bespoke technique we tailor to your individual needs. For a more noticeable size increase, shape change, including gummy smile reduction, or added definition. A flat side profile & natural end result can be maintained. Multiple treatments are usually not required.

Includes a dental block so you experience little/no pain during treatment & our nude Zoe aftercare balm for discomfort reduction & optimal healing. Save £15. Must be booked in advance not upgraded at your appointment to claim discount.

DP Signature Lip Filler With Dental Block 

A bespoke technique we tailor to your individual needs, exclusive to the medispa. 

For a more noticeable size increase, shape change, including gummy smile reduction, or added definition. A flat side profile & natural end result can be maintained. Multiple treatments are usually not required for a fuller end result if desired.

9-12 months longevity, longer lasting due to the layering of the technique. Includes an additional dental block to remove pain during the filler treatment.

Classic Lip Filler With Dental Block 

£220 or 3 interest free monthly instalments of £73.34 with Paypal pay in 3

This treatment is ideal for patients who are happy with their existing lip shape, but would just like a subtle size increase. We like to emphasise this is very subtle & may require multiple appointments over time to build your size depending on your desired lip goal. It can also be a great treatment option following Signature lip filler if your shape has changed and you just need a small volume increase. Please note this will not reduce a gummy smile or add any vertical height. Treatment includes a dental block for added pain releif.

If you have an existing lip filler appointment you would like to upgrade and take advantage of our new treatment, simply give our reception team a call on 02380 392070 and we can make the necessary changes for you.

Alternatively to make a new booking click below.