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It's all about progress, not perfection


There's 365 days in a year. If you focused on improving just 0.28% a day, which is not even 1%, and did that every day by the end of the year you would have improved a whole 100%. Imagine that, being 100% better than you are now.

 The greatest investment you can make is in yourself. When was the last time you invested in yourself? Invested in something that improves your finances, your business or your stress?

We live in a time when almost anything we want to know or learn is only a few clicks away. That's powerful. We have that power, are you utilising it? Enhance your business awareness and skills to allow your business to grow today. ​Work towards being a successful, 6 -7 figure business doing what you love, and the best part about it? It's easy! No time off, no huge fees and work at your own pace around your lifestyle and busy schedule, all from the comfort of work or your own home.

Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, I can help your business reach its full potential. Some of our training includes, USP's, goal setting, business templates, reporting & target setting, personality training, ethnical sales, utilisation, social media and mindset training, conversion and market dominating position.

The most successful people is not those necessarily the most educated or best in their field, its those who can adapt. By staying stagnant your competition is over taking you, take control of your success. There is never a right time, make the time.

Why me?

Let me explain my story. At 28 with a business not even 2 years old that opened 14 days before the pandemic hit, my business accelerated, my patient base grew by 300%, my team grew from 2 to 17 in a matter of 15 months and we won 4 awards including Harvard Business Woman of the year Internationally. I bought my dream house, dream car and worked because I enjoy it, not because I needed to. I outgrew my two story medispa, became a trainer & launched my own skin care line, all during what was meant to be the most difficult time for us all. Imagine our potential post pandemic.

I started from a dental back ground and in a 3 year period I went from an apprentice dental nurse to practice manager. I was the CQC registered manager and responsible for a small team at only 20 years of age. Since then I have managed 5 clinics and now my own. I have completed multiple sales courses & due to demand am now sharing all my knowledge with you. The best thing about it? The majority of the staff who once trained me are now part of my team as we flourish together 8 years later.

Below is the options we offer for business mentoring. I help you to find untapped income and reach your full business potential. We offer various plans and pricing to accommodate all businesses & needs big or small. Spaces are limited as I am only able to mentor a limited amount of professionals at one given time. If you would like to become an exclusive member fill in the contact form below and we endeavor to be in contact within 24 hours. If we do not have a package that fits your business model, feel free to contact us and we can create a package that works for you.

Business mentoring is designed for any business model in the aesthetic, beauty or hair industry. It is available worldwide & we have clients from Spain, Italy & Australia, all materials can be posted and accessed online 24/7 so location is not essential.

Business Mentoring Options

Talking on phones

Personalised Phone


Easily Customisable

Danica Payne business mentoring

An Economical Personal Approach

Service Includes;

  • Unlimited business support 7 days after your call in relation to the subjects discussed in your call

  • A bespoke mini report on what was discussed and suggested changes following the phone call

  • Can be a telephone or video call

  • Subject of choice or generic advice

  • Financial advice if required

  • Available worldwide

This is the best of both worlds, this is designed for businesses' who would like a bespoke mentoring package, some have one off phone calls other one a month until they're happy, whatever your preference or need, we can accommodate your needs. You will be asked prior to your phone call what you would like help with to enable your time to be utilised specifically to the required subject or field. This can be a call with the owner, manager or as a group call as a staff meeting for multiple staff to benefit.

Examples Of Growth From Our Online Mentoring Services

Please refer to 2021 comparison to 2022, this snapshot was taken only 6 months into 2022 and already the best month had a revenue increase o f 713%. 

The worst month of 2022 was better than 2021 best month to date.

The average order value increased by 784%

There was 41 more transactions in only the 6 months we were monitoring than the whole year of 2021.

This was from 3 months of one monthly call, a total of £1197 spent (£399 x 3) but look at the return of investment.


Growth results

Payment Options

Any other business services £100 and over can be paid via one of the options below;
- Bank Transfer
- Card
- 3 interest free instalments with Paypal Pay in 3


Train With Us: Services

Are You Ready To Grow?

You've taken the first step, success is pending. A team member from our business mentoring team will be in contact on what to do next shortly.

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